Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dakota Frost in the Flesh

Dakota Frost

I recently attended some Bay Area conventions - SuperCon, Baycon and Fanime - and put out some flyers on the freebie tables. (See the flyers, front and back). I did the above portrait of Dakota for the flyer, but to be frank I was working on the flyers until 4am that day, and only now have I had the time to format my hacked-together Corel Painter files into something with a black background I could post here. Enjoy!


Monday, May 4, 2009

Dakota Frost, Skindancer

Dakota Frost: tall, tattooed, edgy - and the best magical tattooist in the Southeast. Come to the Rogue Unicorn in Atlanta, see her work in the flesh - and on her flesh - and you'll believe a tattoo can come to life. And if you're brave enough to sit in her chair, she'll bring one to life on you.

In a version of Atlanta not too different from your own, magic which had been suppressed for centuries was dragged into the light by the counterculture of the Twentieth Century. Now, in the dawn of the Twenty-First, werewolves and vampires prowl the night, the people of the Edge have learned to play with magic - and tattoo magic has the sharpest edge of them all.

Welcome, reader, to the Edgeworld - the world of the skindancer, Dakota Frost.

-Anthony Francis