Friday, April 23, 2010

Blood Rock Teaser

On 4th book of comments from my beta readers. A teaser:
“Promise me, Dakota,” Rand said. “Promise that you won’t get mixed up in this—”
“This thing murdered a friend, attacked another and almost killed me,” I said. “I’m already ‘mixed up’ in this. But I promise I’m not going to throw a monkey wrench in your investigation, Andre. I want you to get this guy. These guys. Whoever it is.”
Rand was silent for a minute. “Fine, Dakota,” he said. “I love you like a daughter, but I promise you that if you stick your nose back into this I will have you up on obstruction charges.”
"I mean it, Dakota,” Rand said. “Butt. The Hell. Out.”
And he hung up, leaving me and the blue bomb sailing into Midtown in near silence.
More to come...
-the Centaur


Monday, April 19, 2010

Barnes and Noble, Brick and Mortar

Selected Barnes and Noble brick and mortar stores are going to start carrying Frost Moon, possibly within the next month. Hooray!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beta Reader #2 Comments Incorporated...

... on to Reader #3's notes. Progressing well...


Monday, April 12, 2010

Things keep getting better and better...

Frost Moon is:
  • On the front page of Fictionwise (and #7 on their bestseller list)
  • Close to cracking #100,000 on Barnes and Noble's sales list
  • Still slowly creeping up Amazon's Kindle list ... at roughly #2300
Dakota's also doing well on the regular Amazon list, bubbling up higher and higher ... and even on her Facebook page ... which has 34 fans now!

And ... I've finished the first book of beta reader's comments on Blood Rock. Only ~6 more to go and then Book 2 will hopefully be on its way to the publisher!

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